List of theme-based workshops

The morning of 29 June: Developing territories with the help of individuals


1 Helping migrants to settle in
How can helping with the settlement of new arrivals contribute to their integration ?

2 The reception of people from abroad
What special considerations are necessary to help those people who come from abroad to settle in a territory?

3 The reception of young people
What is the place of young people in the migrant populations, and how should we deal with them? Development, expectations, and motivation.

4 The reception of senior citizens
Do the reception policies cater for the specific requirements of the aged, such as health, housing, and social interaction?

5 The cultural attractiveness of a territory
In what way does culture improve the attractiveness of a territory, and thereby encourage the integration of newly arrived people?

6 The financial factor
What financial support is required to avoid the vulnerability of migrants and to support projects that can sometimes be atypical?

Conferences and debates:

7 New populations and sustainable development
Should there be new policies on sustainable development, and should we adopt a fresh approach to social, economic, environmental, and cultural indicators?

8 Showcasing a territory
How can a region be best developed using real and enterprising activities?

9 The creation of agri-rural employment
How can the creation of new agri-rural activities be encouraged within the context of sustainable development?

10 The culture of reception
How can we organise the efforts of both elected councillors and the general population in the best interests of the region?

The afternoon of Thursday 29 June: Developing reception policies


1 Charter, convention, or label?
How can we reconcile the expectations of some with respect for others?

2 The role of elected councillors and development practitioners
New missions, and new skills. How can we better define the role of all those involved in improving the reception of migrants?

3 Rural planning
With the arrival of new populations, how can we best manage the organisation of living space and architecture?

4 Communication and promotion
Can the development of a territory be defined in terms of marketing strategy?

5 The Leader+ programme and reception
How can territorial engineering benefit from the advantages of the European Leader+ programme?

6 The real estate impasse
What tools are required to improve real estate management, and facilitate reception and sustainable development policies?

7 The evaluation of reception policies
What criteria should we apply to best appreciate the arrival of new populations?

Conferences and debates:

8 Territory, Heritage, and Creativity
How can a territory's heritage help in the creation of economic, social, and cultural activities?

9 Organising and co-ordinating support
What support is required for those running the projects? How can the territory best offer its support?

10 Making the territories attractive
What conditions and priorities should the territories adopt for their investment strategies to augment their attractiveness?